New Logo & Banner

Hello visitors! The last 2 days I have been working on a new Logo & Banner design for the Ancient Realms. This idea came after sharing some ideas for the new logo of [bsbutton text=”MCTCP” link=”” target=”New page” style=”default” theme=”default” size=”normal”] ( TerrainControl Forums ) Where a fellow moderator came with a awesome yet simple… Read more »

Hello dear visitors! For all those interested in the development of NLBlackEagle’s Realm I have a announcement to make. Since recently I stopped showcasing some of the key elements within NLBlackEagle’s Realm. Until now this was only done on a small scale in the form of screen shots made at some pretty amazing spots throughout… Read more »

Partnership Ended.

I’ve waited a long time before announcing this but for those who did not knew yet, The Partnership between NLBlackEagle & Mysource/OldTcCreator has came to a end. For a couple of months I had to focus on other then minecraft related business. However since recently I resumed working on NLBlackEagle’s Realm again and closing in… Read more »

Eagle’s TerrainControl Series

Hello dear Minecrafters and visitors! Recently I started making use of my Youtube Channel “Ancient Realms” by uploading a couple of TerrainControl episodes. These episodes vary from building to scripting but they all serve but one purpose which is the NLBlackEagle’s Realm TerrainControl map! The video’s can be found under the Menu: TerrainControl. Click on… Read more »

TestWorld Trailer & Partnership

Recently we have agreed on a partnership with MySource, else known as OldTCcreator. Since then we have been discussing and develloping a testworld map for those which decided to donate as a reward. More information can be found under Testworld in the menu. Enjoy the trailer!


TerrainControl Tutorials

Hello Minecrafters! We are happy to introduce the TerrainControl tutorial page! This page was created to offer help on the TerrainControl plugin so everyone may create sutch awesome terrain for his or her server. If by any chance you happen to be one of these persons we would also like to inform you that using… Read more »


Website Online!

Website Online! After a couple days of work we managed to put up this website! We will continue to expand like adding a facebook page for you to like and keep up with the most recent content on both the website and ingame!